Fiat Chrysler invests $40M in transport fleet of CNG trucks

DETROIT — Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has completed a two-year, $40-million project at FCA Transport, ​its trucking operations unit in Detroit. The company switched to a new fleet of 179 trucks powered by compressed natural gas and renovated its truck operations center. FCA moved to CNG because the fuel is cheaper than diesel fuel and generates fewer emissions.

The automaker invested $1.8 million to upgrade its 36,000-square-foot maintenance center and $5 million on the installation of a CNG refueling station at ​the trucking operations center across from the Coleman A. Young International Airport.

FCA Transport has been FCA’s private trucking fleet since 1925. The automaker is leasing a fleet of Peterbilt trucks equipped with Cummins engines and six-speed automatic Allison transmissions. Four CNG fuel tanks stacked vertically behind the cab give the trucks a range of 640 miles. The trucks deliver engines, transmissions, body parts and stamped auto parts to plants in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Ontario.

FCA Transport employs more than 400 drivers and mechanics. Those workers received extensive training on driving, operating and repairing the new trucks.

Source: Detroit Free Press

Source: PR Newswire

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